Virtual private network with firewall

Privacy policy

This app encypts, sends and receives the internet traffic of your apps through one or more remote servers. Those servers, in turn, selectively transfer the internet traffic to/from the internet.

To be able to define and apply rules and conditions to selectively block or allow internet traffic, the IP addresses and domain names your apps are connecting to and the rules you define in the app will be stored on these servers.

App names or other app information will not be transmitted or stored by default, except for a unique app identifier (Android uses a separate uid for each app for security reasons). Package and app names and whether apps have internet permission and are enabled will be transmitted and stored when remote management is enabled (this is disabled by default).

To apply the correct rules, an indication if the screen is on, if the internet connection is metered (mobile) or unmetered (Wi-Fi) and if the device is roaming will be sent to the servers. These indications will be stored for use by the in-app real-time logging function.

To limit data usage, the total number of bytes received and sent for the current day will be stored.

Alpha and beta versions of the app will send the device name and the Android version to the servers for debugging purposes. In the production version of the app this can be disabled. All versions of the app will send the Android ID and a random client ID to the servers to detect fraud.

No other data will be sent to the servers.

Data will never be automatically transferred between servers at different locations. Data will always be transmitted and stored securely following common best practices and industry standards. Data will never be shared with third parties, unless required by law. Data will be stored for 30 years or as long as service is provided, whichever is shorter. All stored data can be erased manually through the app.

The servers are accessible to a limited numbers of persons only and any access to the server will be recorded.

No warrants have ever been served to VPN/Sentry or VPN/Sentry collaborators.

To use VPN/Sentry you need to agree to this privacy policy.

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